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Foundations of Organizational and Operational Management (3 Credits)

MBAF 540

In this course, principles of management are introduced and how they are applied in organizations so that they may operate more effectively and/or efficiently. It is split into two parts beginning with broad concepts before moving on to more specific and quantitative topics. The course begins with classical theories on management, ethical behavior, innovation, teamwork, business strategy, and international business before moving on to the 2nd half of the course that will focus more on optimization. In this second part, decision-making will be based on calculations towards maximizing profit and/or minimizing cost. Topics include outsourcing, forecasting, statistical quality control, project management, queuing, linear programming, and inventory control. This course is designed to meet a prerequisite of the MBA program. The course is open to students who have completed an undergraduate degree in a field other than business. Permission of MBA program director is required.