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Online MBA: Analysis and Risk Management Focus Area

The Analysis and Risk Management MBA program focus area will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of financial management, the process of identifying and analyzing risks and applying quantitative modeling for strategic decision making.

Analysis and Risk Management Curriculum (9 credit hours)

MBAC 616: Stock Market and Corp Valuation (3 Credits)

Financial markets have existed since ancient civilization. The Aztecs held worth in the Cacao bean, the ancient Egyptians in metal, and the ancient Chinese in silk. Markets were necessary so that people could trade their assets for others that were needed or desired. With an increasing complexity, financial markets continue to exert a powerful presence in our lives and are central to the functioning of our economy. What shape do assets take in the modern economy? What role do financial markets play and how do they function? How are assets such as stocks and bonds priced in these markets? This course introduces the main financial principles necessary to understand the role of financial markets today.
MBAF 510, MBAC 530

MBAC 617: Decision Modeling with Spreadsheets (3 Credits)

Spreadsheet packages have changed the way business executives make strategic decisions. Decision makers increasingly rely on sophisticated quantitative analysis through the intuitive and comfortable environment offered by computerized spreadsheet packages. This course is designed to introduce MBA students to quantitative modeling for strategic decision-making using the popular spreadsheet package, Microsoft Excel. The course covers applications for various business areas including finance, marketing, and operations. Applications include break even analysis, cash flow analysis, pricing models, revenue management, project management, portfolio analysis, supply chain management, and channel selection. Though the course covers the use of a spreadsheet package, the focus is not on the technicalities of the software. The course focuses on the process of understanding, structuring, and solving business issues as well as interpretations of solutions.

MBAC 618: Financial Management (3 Credits)

This course focuses on the role of the financial manager as decision maker. The first half of the course, therefore, deals with the tools of the trade: It defines the financial environment and its diagnostics system, the analysis of financial statements. It then studies the interest rates and time value of money in connection with the characteristics of discounted cash flow method of asset valuation. The second half of the course involves dynamic financial management: building a discussion of the relationship between risk and return will be followed by the bonds and stocks as financial assets and their valuation. Finally, the capital budgeting and basic long-term financing including the impact of financial leverage on firm value will be covered.

Analysis and Risk Management Career Outlook and Opportunities

According to the BLS, the job outlook for management analysts is projected to grow 14 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations.1 The MBA focus area in Risk Management Analysis prepares students for successful and rewarding positions in Risk Management such as:

  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Controller
  • Director of Corporate Risk Management
  • Finance Officer
  • Risk Analyst
  • Risk Control Supervisor
  • Risk Management Consultant
  • Risk Manager

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