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How to Choose the Right Online MBA Program

If you’d like to earn an MBA but don’t have the flexibility to commit to an on-campus experience, consider pursuing an online program. Online MBA programs offer the opportunity to expand your business knowledge, build your leadership skills, advance in your profession and increase your earning potential without putting your career on hold.

If you’re wondering how to choose an online MBA program, the following checklist can help you determine which online MBA program is right for you.

MBA Program Rankings: Various organizations, publications and websites rank online programs. Although these rankings alone can influence your choice, reviewing the conclusions reached by ranking groups can give you helpful information.

School Reputation. Research shows that a school’s reputation is the top concern among students choosing a business school. When looking into MBA programs, be sure to consider the reputation of the school you are considering.

Accreditation. Three well-respected organizations accredit MBA programs. The oldest and most prestigious is the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), which gives accreditation to only a small percent of the world’s business programs.

Teaching Style. Does the program teach primarily through case study analysis, lectures or experiential learning? Strong online MBA programs take an interdisciplinary approach that examines business in the context of a wide range of operational and analytical functions. Also, it is important to consider online programs that encourage group interaction and projects in the virtual classroom.

Faculty. Online MBA classes should be taught by business experts with extensive professional and academic experience in areas such as analytical decision making, risk management and leadership. Students benefit from learning from practitioners who can apply their real-world experience to classroom lectures and activities.

Student-to-Faculty Ratio. Especially important in the online classroom, it is crucial to look for a low student-to-faculty ratio — 12 to 1 or less is ideal — to ensure you’ll receive individualized guidance and attention.

Time Flexibility. Some online MBA programs have residency requirements or may expect students to be online at specific times of day. Be sure to find a program that can fit your schedule, without interfering with your professional or personal commitments.

Pursuing an online MBA program is a smart way to achieve your academic and professional business goals. The Manhattan College online MBA program helps students develop and refine the cross-functional skills they need to be successful business leaders through a multidisciplinary understanding of business. To learn more, contact the Admissions office at (855) 841-2843 or request more information.


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