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7 Student Success Tips for an Online MBA Degree Program

Students who pursue online MBA programs are often balancing multiple responsibilities. In addition to online classes and school work, many are full time employees and have a variety of personal commitments. Keeping up can seem challenging, but by utilizing a few smart strategies, you can excel in your online MBA program while advancing your career.

If you’re considering whether to pursue an online MBA program or are currently enrolled in one, here are seven tips to excel in your graduate program while maintaining your professional and personal commitments.

  1. Create a dedicated workspace. Create a space in which you can focus on your online MBA classes. Your workspace should be free of distractions and have an internet connection and all the required technology necessary.
  2. Arrange your workspace with ergonomics in mind. You’ll be spending a lot of time at your computer, so it pays to make sure your desk, chair, monitor, keyboard and mouse are positioned in an ergonomically comfortable way that protects you from pain in your neck, shoulders, arms and fingers.
  3. Stay on top of your schedule. Use a calendar, online planner or other scheduling system to keep track of online MBA classes, assignments, group project meetings and tests. Set reminders on your smartphone or online scheduler, and be sure to leave time for class prep, homework and studying.
  4. Manage your time wisely. Set realistic daily and weekly priorities, make to-do lists every day and try to minimize or eliminate activities that waste time. Be sure you schedule enough quiet time to focus on your work.
  5. Network with your peers. If your program schedules any social events or icebreakers, try to attend so you can build relationships with fellow students. Connect online and in person if possible; your peers can offer academic support as well as professional networking opportunities.
  6. Connect with your instructors. Get to know your instructor, either during online office hours, via email or in person.
  7. Take advantage of support resources. Your college may offer helpful assistance such as tutoring, chat rooms, discussion groups and technical support. If problems arise, seek help right away so you don’t fall behind in your work.

It will certainly be a challenge balancing your busy life with online MBA classes, but, with careful planning, you can succeed and excel.

The Manhattan College online MBA program offers the opportunity to expand your business knowledge, build leadership skills, and increase your earning potential without having to put your career on hold. To learn more, contact the Admissions office at (855) 841-2843 or request more information.


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