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How An Interdisciplinary Approach to an MBA Teaches Top Business Skills

To succeed in today’s business environment, professionals need the skills to address complex challenges, requiring an interdisciplinary approach toward problem solving.

Integrating knowledge beyond traditional business principles gives managers and leaders an edge in addressing business issues. They’re able to apply insight from disciplines like behavioral science, ethics and economics for a more multifaceted perspective.

Manhattan College’s Online Master’s Degree in Business Administration (M.B.A.) provides an interdisciplinary approach to graduate business education that looks at business in context, taking all relevant business functions into account. Manhattan’s module-based curriculum gives M.B.A. candidates the insights they need to solve tomorrow’s real-world business problems. They gain operational and analytical knowledge that help them successfully lead cross-functional teams and projects.

Unlike similar M.B.A. programs that concentrate in niche fields — preparing graduates for a narrow career track — Manhattan College’s M.B.A. program emphasizes an interdisciplinary focus, drawing from the fields of supply chain management, economics, finance and more.

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Business

Here are just a few examples of how Manhattan’s M.B.A. curriculum program puts business into context, teaching top business skills and interdisciplinary knowledge.

Supply Chain Analysis

In nearly every industry, supply chains are essential for success, and inefficiencies. This course not only examines the basics of supply chain efficiency but also puts those business principles into context by delving into technology usage, management techniques and cost analysis. Much like other interdisciplinary courses, concepts are often covered through case studies and simulations.

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Managerial Economics

Economic principles are more powerful when they’re put to use. That’s why Manhattan College’s M.B.A. program gives students insight into applying these principles through forecasting techniques, providing leaders with the ability to think analytically and make better decisions.

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Foundations of Financial and Managerial Accounting

The fundamental principles of accounting can drive better financial and managerial reporting for business organizations. With that technique, students are able to gain deep insight into how accounting plays a role across multiple functions within an operation. The online M.B.A. also introduces ethical issues through analysis and discussion for a truly interdisciplinary approach.

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Foundations of Organizational and Operational Management

Business leaders are adept at applying the principles of management in ways that streamline operational efficiency. Manhattan College’s M.B.A. degree gives graduates what they need to demonstrate these top business skills. The course not only covers classical theories of management but also incorporates ethical behavior, strategy, teamwork issues, innovation and international business.

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Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Those who excel as leaders are able to draw on their interdisciplinary knowledge of behavioral science to motivate individuals and develop collaborative teams. Manhattan College’s online M.B.A. provides in-depth strategies on how to turn behavioral theory into practice. Students learn about current research findings and discuss examples of leadership worth emulating.

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Courses like these highlight the deep commitment that Manhattan College brings to an interdisciplinary curriculum. M.B.A. candidates become leaders who are solving cross-functional issues and driving business forward.

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