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Learn the Top 5 Business Skills in Demand: Interview with Manhattan College’s M.B.A. Director of Admissions

The needs of a business can change, and leadership skills that may have seemed vital at one time can shift. That’s why it’s crucial to keep up with what organizations want in their leaders.

Justin Riley, Director of Admissions for Manhattan College’s online Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program, offers some insights on the top business skills that are in demand today.

What would you consider to be the top five skills that are most in demand now?

  1. Communication: Communication is what drives collaboration, and that’s driving many businesses right now.
  2. Ability to Empower Others: With empowerment, you show true leadership skills that bring value to any organization.
  3. Strategic Thinking: Strategic thinking allows you to be proactive in your approach, so you can manage organizations in a more cost-effective and insightful way.
  4. Global Perspective: Businesses are also looking for those who can think globally because, even if you’re not working for an international organization, you’ll likely be called on to know about emerging markets and their effect on business.
  5. Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship demonstrates creativity that can be used either in starting your own business or within any organization that values entrepreneurial thinking.

When these skills are combined, it can be a powerful blend, leading to advanced positions within an organization.

Why are these skills so important now?

Organizations today need to be nimble. After the recent recession, they learned valuable lessons about how to be more efficient and they’re using those insights to become stronger. Companies require leaders who can take risks but in an informed and strategic way. They need problem solvers, and that’s what these top business skills have at their core.

What skills are falling out of favor with businesses when it comes to leadership?

Gone are the days of the leader who manages from the desk or only over email. Organizations want leaders who will be in the trenches, empowering employees on a daily basis.

Another change has been a shift from the experience-only leadership. In the past, you could get a high position without a college degree or just a bachelor’s degree. But now, earning a master’s degree proves that you’re looking for ways to be innovative and current on leadership topics. That’s what businesses want.

How does a M.B.A. program prepare students to bring these in-demand skills to the workplace?

A graduate business program will ensure that you gain practical skills that you can apply right now. You can take what’s happening in your current job and come up with a plan of action based on what you’re learning in your program. So, you don’t have to wait until you have earned your degree to use those skills. You’re applying what you’ve learned right away.

As Riley notes, keeping on top of the latest business skills is crucial for setting a career path that’s rich with leadership and problem-solving. Getting an education that focuses on all aspects of business skill-building can help you build more than your resume.

Become the Transformational Leader Businesses Need

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