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Leading Across Cultural and Global Boundaries (3 Credits)

MSOL 610

The focus of this course is on coordinating and sustaining cooperative activities across various types of international and cultural boundaries (including generational, gender and regional). The course covers the practical realities of leading across cultural differences and national boundaries. Students will explore differences domestically and globally.

Course Outcomes: 
  • Improve overall workplace and organizational communication skills as they pertain to leadership, group cohesion, and team building.
  • Develop listening and communication skills with peers from diverse backgrounds, including intercultural, multicultural, and global identities.
  • Expand the meaning of the term diversity to encompass cultural as well as differences related to race, ethnicity, geography, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and class.
  • Learn to better express ideas and articulate thoughts to a variety of diverse audiences through writing and other methods of communication.
  • Utilize case studies and group projects to explore situational issues challenges.