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Benefits of Earning an Organizational Leadership Online Degree

Many working professionals want to advance their education — and see benefits like increased salary and leadership responsibilities as a result — but might feel that taking time for education means a step away from their careers.

But with an online master’s degree, you can move toward the career you want without taking a break from the one you have. A flexible online graduate program gives you the opportunity to work on your education part-time, even with a full-time job.

Manhattan College’s Online Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) offers flexibility and convenience and is designed for working professionals who want a rigorous and meaningful education without stepping off the career track to do it. Here are some unique opportunities available to Manhattan’s MSOL students:

Social Connections

The format of the MSOL program is filled with opportunities for collaboration and lively discussion. You can communicate with faculty and peers from across the country, gaining unique insights that you might not get otherwise. Because your peers come from a range of experiences, career paths, geographies and cultures, you get the richness of diversity and fresh perspectives in the process.

Anytime Access

The online MSOL program provides the educational resources you need thanks to 24/7 access to online lectures and course materials. Because these resources are available on any device, you can even watch a lecture on your tablet at lunch. Whenever you want to learn, the MSOL program coursework is conveniently accessible.

Interactive Learning

Although there’s enormous benefit from lectures and written materials, part of the appeal of the MSOL program for many students is active and engaging participation. The interactive learning model emulates a classroom that’s alive with ideas, insights and questions. Plus, learning to contribute in a collaborative group setting helps to develop your leadership communication and collaboration skills.

Case Studies

Theory put into action is what fuels the business world. That’s why case studies are so important because they give you a glimpse of successful strategies and processes, and those which didn’t prove to be successful. By understanding real-life examples — filled with real-life leaders and situations — you will get a better grasp of how organizations operate in the midst of challenges and opportunities. This will give you a head start in applying those lessons in your next leadership position.

Online Resources

From admissions questions to enrollment details to technology assistance, a variety of online resources are available in the MSOL program. Working professionals simply don’t have the time to wait days for someone to return a phone call, and, with online resources, you don’t have to. You will have the support you need, when you need it to stay on track.

Discover Your Path to Career Success

With the kind of flexibility that an organizational leadership online degree offers, you can gain skills and insights that enrich your career and get education on your schedule.

The Online M.S. in Organizational Leadership from Manhattan College gives you the leadership roadmap you need. The curriculum is based on experiential learning and created by practitioners in the field, so you can transfer knowledge to real-life career settings. From the first term of your degree program, you start developing a roadmap that lets you apply what you learn to your career. That’s a unique aspect of the Manhattan College program.

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