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How Leadership Can Create a Positive Work Environment

Making sure the workplace is one where employees are eager to do their jobs is a responsibility that falls largely on an organization's leaders. From facilitating camaraderie in the organization to making sure the environment is conducive to allowing employees to be productive, leaders play a pivotal role.

Manhattan College's online Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership helps prepare business leaders to set the right tone in their work environments. Through carefully developed courses, including Fundamentals of Organizational Leadership (MSOL 601) and Leadership Communication and Coaching Essentials (MSOL 605), degree candidates learn the dos and don'ts of establishing an effective workplace.

Focus on Structure: Optimistic Workplace

It is a leader's job to set the organizational tone. In trying to make the work environment inviting, team leaders can begin to strike a positive note by conducting informal morning meetings with employees. These should be the sort of meetings where members can talk freely for a few minutes before getting their workday underway.1

The office itself should be clean and attractive, with comfortable furniture on which employees can take short breaks or interact. Good lighting can also brighten the overall mood and impact productivity.

Employees should be encouraged to personalize their work areas. In addition to displaying mementos, some workplaces allow employees to choose their own furniture, within a certain budget. Just selecting a desk chair they find particularly comfortable can go a long way to creating an optimistic workplace.

Focus on the Individual: Building Morale

In the office, leaders can set a positive tone by acknowledging special events in employees’ lives, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Something as simple as sending an e-card can have a big impact. At times a leader may improve morale by organizing a casual catered meal for employees at the office. Such events can enable employees to interact with one another on a non-work level.

Occasionally organizing events outside of the office can also give employees a chance to bond. It is an opportunity for them to socialize in a relaxed non-work setting, and perhaps provide the opportunity for others to meet employees’ families.

Leaders may also want to encourage employees to work together in teams. This should be done in an even-handed way so all can contribute and show what they have to offer. When working on a shared goal, employees can be friendlier as well as potentially more productive.

Be open to allowing employees to work at times in different areas of the premises. Some people do their best thinking when they are moving around. Keep in mind, just because employees are not spending every moment behind a desk does not mean they are not productively working.

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