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What Can You Do with a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership?

Today's companies have distinctive organizational cultures that are steeped in collaboration and communication. Now, more than ever before, they need leaders who can guide current organizational strategy while preparing for future challenges and opportunities.

Workforces have to be managed in a way that encourages cooperation and productivity, but managers don't always have the skills necessary to empower and inspire.

Those with the right education and strategies in organizational leadership can become invaluable assets and highly prized leaders, both for on-site teams and remote employees. These managers are tasked with fostering collaboration, minimizing conflicts, meeting company goals and applying leadership ability to all levels of a team.

For many, earning a master's degree in organizational leadership is the first step toward taking on this demanding but exhilarating role. With this degree, you can reach your full potential and create a leadership roadmap for your future.

Organizational Leadership Careers

Training and Development Director
An organizational leadership degree program will train you to motivate others, an important aspect of being a leader. Because of this, you can turn your master's degree in organizational leadership into a career as a trainer, instructional designer and educational program developer. Your insights about how organizations work will be highly valued for delivering effective training.

International Team Leader
As technology creates widely dispersed teams, companies are finding that it's advantageous to blend contractors and full-time employees and to hire based on skills instead of geography. Keeping these teams on track requires an adept leader who can navigate the needs of individuals while empowering groups — especially those made up of employees who never meet in person. Leaders who have the skills to balance team interactions with project goals are those who will find top positions, no matter where they reside.

Management Consultant
Sometimes, companies need insight that will take them through a major project or key strategy implementations. Those with a background in organizational leadership will have the knowledge and skills to make recommendations that will streamline the process. Management consultants can bring a fresh perspective to each engagement, either as a solo entrepreneur or as a member of a professional services firm.

There are a number of other career options as well, such as nonprofit administrator, marketing director, management analyst, human resources manager and department director.

Is a Master’s of Organizational Leadership for Me?

If you're a supervisor or manager and have earned a bachelor's degree, you're well-positioned to apply your experience to a master's degree in organizational leadership.

No matter what you choose, the salaries can be very attractive. According to Payscale, those with a master’s degree in organizational leadership can expect to earn between $70,000 to $120,000 annually depending on the job role.

Educational Edge

If you're looking to impact organizational culture and reach a higher level in your current company or to make a career change, an online degree program can provide you with the flexibility to reach your professional goals.

Manhattan College’s Online M.S in Organizational Leadership

A comprehensive program like the Online M.S. in Organizational Leadership from Manhattan College offers the insights you need to create a more collaborative, productive environment where your leadership skills are in high demand.

Manhattan College’s online program gives you the leadership roadmap you need. The distinctive curriculum is unique, based on experiential learning and created by practitioners in the field, so you can transfer knowledge to real-life career settings in whatever leadership role you choose.

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